EVOLABLE ASIA Reaching Beyond Borders

EVOLABLE ASIA Reaching Beyond Borders


Evolable Asia Corporation (Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hideki Yoshimura) is aiming to attract American tourists to Japan, as well as to develop IT Offshore services targeting North American market. We have recently established a new branch office in San Joe, California—“Evolable Asia Corp Silicon Valley Branch.” 


Our Japan Tourism Development Project focuses on online booking for domestic flights within Japan, operating multilingual website and targeting customers traveling to Japan from Asia. Particularly, we serve as the OEM for domestic line content on Web Media that is specially designed for tourists traveling to Japan.    


An expert in its field, EVOLABLE ASIA is the largest Japanese IT Offshore Development Company with approximately 500 IT engineers currently working in Vietnam. We provide the best solutions to deal with the current lack of capable engineers as well as the steep increase in labor cost. Our innovative Lab Model in IT Offshore Development will offer our clients the most professional, specialized team. 


We have recently established our Silicon Valley branch, namely “Evolable Asia Corp Silicon Valley Branch”, as our very first business location in the United States.


~A Business Location for Japan Tourism Development Project~

A record 19.73 million people visited Japan in 2015, marking a 47.1% increase from 2014. Moreover, according to the government’s announcement on March 2016, Japan is expected to welcome approximately 40 million foreign tourists during 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. This number includes tourists from not only Asia but also North America. Remarkably, visitors from the United States surged 15.9% from the previous year to hit 1 million. Besides establishing a new business location and striving to attract American tourists to Japan, we also start to cooperate with OTA-oriented (Online Travel Agent) travel agency in North America.  


~A Business Location for IT Offshore Development Project~

The West Coast of America, where Silicon Valley is located, is a region with a dearth of capable engineers along with a steep rise in average pay level. This area also has a high success rate for IT Offshore Development, about 10 times higher than in Japan, and is expected to continue to prosper even further from now on. Though the center for American IT offshore has always been India, the recent years have seen a sudden increase in Indian labor cost. This has called for a new market for IT offshore development, which we refer to as the “Next India” country. Presenting a professional team of highly capable IT engineer from Asia as well as offering a reasonable price, we are seeking for business partners in the United States.  


Last year’s October, we received funding from Fenox Venture Capital, a global venture capital firm located in Silicon Valley (Headquarter: San Jose—California, Representative Director/ Co-founder: Anis Uzzaman, also known as “Fenox”). Along with Fenox, we will advance our projects in Japan Tourism as well as IT Offshore Development.


Carrying our vision of “One Asia” forward, we are focusing on three major development projects in IT Offshore, Online Tourism, and Japan Tourism. One of our strongest specialties is thriving in the accelerating growth of the Asian market with original business model. And we never miss a chance to speed up and grow even bigger. 


Aiming at complete stakeholders satisfaction, and working towards further development, we never cease to support and guide our business partners.  


弊社の親会社である株式会社エボラブルアジア(本社:東京都港区、代表取締役社長:吉村 英毅)は、米国からの訪日旅行客獲得を目指した営業拠点として、及び米国向けITオフショア開発事業の営業拠点として、米国カリフォルニア州サンノゼに「Evolable Asia Corp silicon valley branch」(シリコンバレー支店)を開設いたしました。

今回設立する「Evolable Asia Corp silicon valley branch」(シリコンバレー支店)は、株式会社エボラブルアジア初の米国市場向けの営業拠点です。

2015年の訪日外国人数は前年比47.1%の1973万人となり過去最大の伸び率となりました。また、2020年の東京オリンピックへ向け、訪日外国人の目標を4000万人とする旨、2016年3月に政府発表がありました。アジアからの訪日客が増加しているだけでなく、米国からの訪日客数も前年比15.9%増となり、アジア以外の国で初めて米国が今回100万人を突破しました。今回の営業拠点設立に伴い、米国からの訪日旅行客の獲得増加を目指して、米国OTA(Online Travel Agent)向け、旅行会社向けの提携営業活動を開始いたします。

シリコンバレーを中心とした西海岸は、エンジニア不足や給与水準の高騰が特に深刻な地域です。米国においてITオフショア開発比率は、日本の10倍以上と大きく、かつ今後も拡大すると予想しています。米国からのオフショア開発出し先はこれまでインドが中心でしたが、インドでの人件費高騰に伴いNext Indiaの国が模索されています。私達は、アジアの良質・安価なITエンジニアリソースを武器に米国IT企業からの受注を目指してまいります。
株式会社エボラブルアジアは昨年10月に米国シリコンバレーに拠点を置く投資ファンドであるFenox Venture Capital(本社:カリフォルニア州サンノゼ、代表取締役社長/共同設立者:Anis Uzzaman、以下Fenox社)から資金調達を行いました。シリコンバレーにおける訪日旅行事業、ITオフショア開発事業の営業活動は、Fenox社と連携しながら進めてまいります。